The Ed Paschke Foundation

Our Mission


The mission of the Ed Paschke Foundation is to research, document, protect and share
Ed Paschke's art and creative legacy. Our main goal is to bring the artwork of Ed Paschke
to the public through exhibitions, publications, and multi-media forums including film,
video and the Internet. We look forward to working with museums, galleries and individuals to develop and sponsor exhibitions and events that showcase his artwork. We hope to create a comprehensive virtual archive of the his art and resource materials to be easily accessible by students, art historians, and others interested in learning and understanding the processes, techniques and methodology he utilized in producing an extensive creative legacy. One of our greatest goals was achieved when Lionel Rabb and Vesna Stelcer opened up the Ed Paschke Art Center ("EPAC") in 2014. EPAC provides a centralized location with a permanent collection of artwork, physical archives, research and resource materials, and a media center in an effort to provide a place for interested individuals to learn about and appreciate Ed Paschke the artist, the educator and the person.

Board Of Directors


The Board Of Directors Of The Ed Paschke Foundation currently consists of three members:  Marc Paschke, Sharon Paschke & Vesna Stelcer.

Advisory Board


The Ed Paschke Foundation is honored to have the following individuals as part of its Advisory Board:

Jeff Koons / Artist Extraordinaire

Russell Bowman / Art Consultant, Curator & Dealer

Anthony Jones / Former Chancellor of the School Of The Art Institute of Chicago


The Ed Paschke Foundation & The Ed Paschke Art Center


For clarification purposes it is important to note that there are two not-for-profit organizations supporting the art and legacy of Ed Paschke. The Ed Paschke Foundation was created by the family of the artist (see mission statement above). The Ed Paschke Art Center Organization (EPAC) is a separate organization created and funded by Lionel Rabb and Vesna Stelcer with full cooperation of the  family, and that runs and manages the Ed Paschke Art Center.


While these two foundations are distinct organizations, EPAC is a fantastic destination to visit and the absolute best place to experience the art of Ed Paschke and learn about his legacy. The Ed Paschke Foundation (EPF) whose primary public presence is this website, is the informational center for the artist. EPF is the go-to source for reproduction and licensing requests, the artist's archives and biographical information, current exhibitions,  and for information about purchasing original art.

Ed Paschke Foundation

Ed Paschke Art Center


Rights & Reproductions

Any and all images created by Ed Paschke remain the intellectual property of the Ed Paschke Estate and have been registered under federal law. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of any image created by Ed Paschke will be subject to statutory penalties as outlined under federal law. If you would like to license or use and image please contact us at  While there is usually a nominal fee to license and use a Paschke image, we will kindly work with any non-profit, educational or public vested individual or organization to help promote our mission of getting Ed Paschke's work displayed and seen by the public.

PHOTOGRAPHERS NOTE: All of the photographic images on this site were drawn from the Estate of Ed Paschke and the Paschke Family Archives. Much of the time no credit was listed for individual photographs. If you see a photo that you took on this site please let me know and I will be sure to note the proper credit for the image. In addtiion, if you have photographs that you woudl like to donate to the Ed Pasdchke Foundation & Archive, let us know.



We believe it is our responsibility to assist the public in providing any information that can promote and achieve our mission. To that end, we will do our best to help both authenticate and to provide information about specific works if in fact we have the information sought. For information regarding the value of selected works we can only provide general guidelines. For a more specific value we suggest you contact a professionally licensed appraiser.

Gifts & Donations


As a public charity and 501(c) 3 entity, the Ed Paschke Foundation is funded primarily by donations and contributions from the general public. In addition, any purchases from the Store are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. If you would like to help support our mission with a direct contribution please email us at Thanks for helping to support our organization and for supporting the arts!



The art matters of the Estate of Ed Paschke are managed through the advisory board of the Ed Paschke Foundation under the direction of Marc and Sharon Paschke. While no gallery or person exclusively represents the Estate or its' artwork, some work is currently available on consignment.


Collectors' Forum

When Ed Paschke unexpectedly passed away in November, 2004 much of his archives were not in any way organized. Information such as sales records, paintings locations, high quality images of artwork, complete exhibition lists, even complete lists of all the art works he had completed were nowhere to be found. For the past 15 years we have worked hard to try to put find out this information but several holes remain. If you are a collector, or even someone who has a single Paschke painting or drawing please email us and let us know. We will not share the information with anyone. Periodically specific paintings are needed for photographs, loans for exhibitions or other information, especially the paintings from the 1960s and early 1970s. Furthermore, if you have questions about the art that you own we can be of assistance. Email us at