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Many of the items in the Ed Paschke Store come directly from the artist’s studio unless noted. Ed Paschke did a lot of community work so many of the posters were created for specific organizations and the inventory we have are simply the stuff he was given as part of his donating work. Most of the other items are leftovers from prior exhibitions. 

Thus, there is extremely limited stock on everything here. Many of the items have only a few pieces left. We will try to keep up on the inventory but this is a very small foundation so there is a chance you may order something that we no longer have. In addition, it will take us up to a week to get the item shipped. All of the proceeds will help support the Ed Paschke Foundation. 

Many people have asked if they can get a specific painting image. This is absolutely possible as long as we have a high resolution digital file for that artwork which is the case with about 75% of the images. The cost is similar to a photograph for the size of the image that you choose. If you are interested in a specific image please email me directly at

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